Need help bending shape

I’m new to 3D, I’ve joined shapr3d last month, been learning and making few designs, but now I’m stuck, wondering if anyone can help, I want to bend the 3d object to the same shape or curve as the ring then Union, I’ve tried project then offset face but only go so far and there a limit of chamfer/fillet, is there a way to do it

Hi, bending objects is not possible in Shapr3D, but you can project some sketches onto the cylindrical surface and use them for sweeping and lofting like in the video below:

Instead of extruding from the bent shape, the Replace Face tool is pretty useful, and the rest of the body can be extruded away from a perpendicular view :slight_smile:

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Hey, thanks for the help, really appreciated, few trials on errors got me where I want it, thanks again
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