Deformity roof

I want to create roofs of house.
Some tools are tried, but not going well…

First, I made a new construction place.
And then worked “Replace Face”.
But some points don’t fit.

I tried “Move/Rotate”, but the bodies are shift to other side and couldn’t fit the apexes.

This is how it goes.

I’m not quite sure what you’re looking for, but it looks like your wall is basically two solid bodies. One general solution is to double click on the wall, use the loop tool and then extrude towards the other wall. But another method that works for a wide variety of problems is the following :


Thans you for your idea!

These roofs are both trapezoidal, so I feel to hard make it this way.
But I found very useful tools and ways from your tutorial!
I’ll try and search more ways.

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Try dragging/ moving the bottom edge of the corners of the roof like he did at 0:15 in the video