Delete the pattern constraint?

I used pattern to get a grid.
Now I want to delete parts of that grid pattern, but I get the message that in order to do so I first need to delete the pattern constraint.
How do I go about that?
Working on Windows, btw.

You can delete the pattern constraint just like every other constraint: select it then either hit delete on your keyboard or press the delete constraint button.

Thanks, Istvan. That constraint was definately not visible in the Windows app.
So I was unable to delete the constraint. Might it be that this is a bug in the Windows app?

Can you share a screenshot?

Hi Istvan, Just checked again and I think I couldn’t find the pattern constraint because it only shows at the position of the original drawing. I had generated quite large patterns and the original drawing was no longer in view.
For consistency sake, I would actually expect the pattern constraint to be visible in the constraints side bar (that was where I was looking for it)