Delete the pattern constraint?

I used pattern to get a grid.
Now I want to delete parts of that grid pattern, but I get the message that in order to do so I first need to delete the pattern constraint.
How do I go about that?
Working on Windows, btw.

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You can delete the pattern constraint just like every other constraint: select it then either hit delete on your keyboard or press the delete constraint button.

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Thanks, Istvan. That constraint was definately not visible in the Windows app.
So I was unable to delete the constraint. Might it be that this is a bug in the Windows app?

Can you share a screenshot?

Hi Istvan, Just checked again and I think I couldn’t find the pattern constraint because it only shows at the position of the original drawing. I had generated quite large patterns and the original drawing was no longer in view.
For consistency sake, I would actually expect the pattern constraint to be visible in the constraints side bar (that was where I was looking for it)


Deleting the sketch pattern constraint is sometimes easy but often impossible when the screen does not display any icon to delete, and it does not appear no matter what I do (on this Windows system).

Hey @alpine, the pattern constraint should only appear when you are sketching. Can you please upload a screenshot when you’d expect it to be shown but it is not there?

I will the next time that happens.

Me also. We could use an “About Shapr” in the “Help” menu.