Design for a CNC Mill (OtherMill)


Is is possible to design something with Shapr3D and export it to be milled on the OtherMill or another CNC machine?



I believe OtherMill will accept input from an STL file. In this case you already can use the files generated by Shapr3D. It is recommended to use Shapr3D Pro to export as a high quality STL.


If I recall correctly, you can’t directly use an STL with OtherMill. You need one extra step. What you need to do:

  1. Export a high quality STL from Shapr3D
  2. Convert STL to a G-Code file with a converter
  3. Use this G-Code with OtherMill

Here’s the detailed description:

Save or export your file as G-code with an .nc or .tap extension. If you don’t have a post-processor for the Othermill in your CAM program, you can use any generic post-processor labeled “mm/arcs.”

They have more info and converter recommendations here:


Thanks Dennis. I’ll give it a try when I get some free time…school just
started so that might be a few weeks.



Your welcome, please also see Gabor’s message. It turns out there is an additional step. The Othermil website shows some methods of converting the STL.