3D Print

How to use Shapr3d to print a 3D object.

Can you print in 3D?

Can you design a 3D object completely in Shapr3d, then export the right file, transfer that file to a 3D printer and print a 3D object?

Thank you.

Yes, Shapr is a great choice for 3D printing, you can instantly print your models, without post processing.

There are many file formats 3D printers support. In Shapr3D, we use the .STL file format.

STL files are a standard file type that interfaces between Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and 3D printers. Most CAD software exports to an STL file and most 3D printers accept STL files.

With the free verison of the app, you export to medium quality .STL file format. It is OK for 3D printing. If you want much better quality, you should upgrade to the PRO version of the app, where you can export high quality .STL files.

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Thanks for your response Istvan. What do you mean by “post processing”?
Thanks Istvan, hope you are having a great Sunday.

Thanks for your response Gabor.

I will at some point upgrade to PRO. I recently bought BoXZY (a 3d printer that can 3d print, laser engrave, & CNC mill. But I am very new with Shapr3D and need to learn it first.

I see that when you open the app, there are great tutorials. I am planning to practice while watching those tutorials and then once I feel comfortable, I will get the PRO.

Thanks again and hope your Sun is going smooth.


I meant that many modelers (like SketchUp for example) produce horrible quality output, that needs to be post processed with netfabb or other mesh fixing tools. With Shapr, you don’t need to do that. The output is high quality solid geometry, that can be 3D printed without fixing it.


Thanks again Istvan. That was very helpful.

I’ve been using shapr for around 2 or 3 years now, got to say leaves most of the modeling software in the dust. Was reading the threads concerning 3d printing and was a little confused, Most 3d printers need g-code to operate but post processing isn’t available (as far as i can see). Am I missing something that Shapr has to offer ? Currently I use Cura slicer, which is a great product to generate G-code. Just wondering if you could enlighten me to a possible alternative.
Your team rocks, keep it up.


No, we export as an STL file, then use whatever 3D printer, and associated Slicing software.

Just to make sure everyone knows:-

Gcode is the movement of the print head ( XYZ ) , extruder and platform tempretures.
This depends on the 3d printer specifications, the set layer height and the print filament.

Converting STL to GCODE is the job of the slicer that knows the printer ( and your ) preferences as well as the material. STL is the preferred export from 3D software to import into a slicer.

The most popular is Cura ( the one you are using now ) which is also free, i personally use simplify3D as I have 5 3D printers and they all have there tweaks.

A good list of slicer software is here: https://all3dp.com/1/best-3d-slicer-software-3d-printer/