Designing the bow of a ship

Hello, I am new to CAD, tried Freecad but it’s hard to learn on your own. I enjoyed my few hours with Shapr3d. I am a hobbyist, building RC boats and planes. Now I am working on a boat and wondering how to create the bow of ship. The top view and side view are easy but the the side changes from a straight vertical to some more hollow shape as it meets the front curve of the bow. I can’t figure out how to represent it. I love the free version so far and the pro one is a bit pricey for a hobbyist so I want to make sure I can do what I need most before subscribing. Thanks for your help,

I have difficulty getting my head around it too. Best I can tell is a hull is a simple extrusion of a 3d shape in 4 dimensions, projected back onto 3d. I can just barely visualize that, but I can’t quite figure out how to do it. Humans clearly have, so I dunno what my problem is.

What I might do next is take someone’s free model as an .obj and dump it into shaper and intersect it with planes, and see if it’s something that can be replicated with lofting. But it might be one of those weird things where you make a volume of the negative shape, and mirror it over a central plane, and then subtract the negative volumes from some top projected loft… thing.

Do a search on the forum. You’ll find a few examples.


Thanks, I will go through your examples.