Difference in values between model and drawing

I’m modeling a part with an internal radius of 152.75mm or 305.5mm inner diameter. When I bring the part to the 2D drawing tool and try to add the inner diameter, the value changes to a smaller number. Value on the drawing changes to 305.34mm which would be a radius of 152.67.

Anyone have this happen before? If so is there something that I am missing? Is there a workaround for this?

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Hey @Dmayfield18,
Is your cutting plane in the center of the ring? If not, the distance should be shorter between the two edges.
Please add a top view projection from this view and check the size with diameter dimension.

Hi H_Daniel,

This part has been designed from a solid ring. My cutting plane was obtained using the split body tool so I assume it is in the center of the ring. Is there a way to check this after splitting? After using the split tool there is no alternate plane created, only an alternate body. Using a front view projection I can achieve the correct radius, however the previously attached pictures with incorrect dimensions are with the top view.

Hi @Dmayfield18
It can be checked by opening the Measure tool and selecting a cylindrical face and a planar face from the splitting surface. You’ll have 5mm center distance in your case, that’s the offset of the center of the ring and the splitting plane. You probably used a base plane in Split Body tool but the ring was above/below that plane.
It can be checked in the drawing space as well by adding dimensions to the center of the ring. The “incorrect dimension” appears to be correct here because of the offset. Please see the attached picture.
I hope it helps :wink:

Ahh now I see. Thanks for the help!