Drawing: Diameter

Hi, I can not pick the circle to show the value.
What am I doing wrong?


Hi @Solid3D,
Projections for the Drawing tool are made according to the coordinate axes. If the axis of a projected hole is not parallel with the projection vector, the projected result will be an ellipse.

Apart from that, there are some other possible reasons for this case. Can you please tell us a few words about how the hole was made?


Is your orange arrow pointing to an image? That’s what it looks like.
If so, you need to Sketch a circle on a plane above that image and your value can be seen when selected.

Hi TigerMike and KPeter,
I have upload the file. The original file is from Solid Edge and saved as STP.
I have imported and made some features in Sapr3D (rounds).

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,

Fot til Horn, rev.1, support.shapr (435.6 . KB)

You don’t have a sketch plane visible and that’s why you can’t see the dimensions. If you didn’t delete the sketch plane and just made it not visible, untick it so it is visible again.

In this image you can see I made a sketch plane in front of your object and was able to draw a measuring line out to get a radius.

In this image I drew a circle from mid point on the sketch plane and you can see the distance from side to side. The hole in your object isn’t perfectly round as you can see from the circle, so the measurement will be different at other points.

When, I have made the drawing I can’t pick the hole


Thx, I did a test in Solid Edge and it worked.
The original file had a cutout that had an ellipse