Show radius of a hole in a body?

I could swear that I used to be able to see the radius or diameter of a given extrusion or a hole I made in a body. For example I’m tapping the edge of this hole and I should be able to see a radius but it looks like instead what I’m seeing is the circumference.

S3D undergoes lots of changes.

This may help:

What is happening in this picture?

Tap with a Finger provides a Grid on which to Sketch [not shown above].
The Perimeter of the Hole was selected.
Using the Grid the Lines shown were placed to define the Centre of the Hole.
Then the surplus parts of the Lines were trimmed.
Leaving one to enable the Dimension to be displayed.

Hi Nate, please can you tell us how having a radius/ diameter, in this case, will help improve your workflow?
I’m not sure of the intended results but if you would want to have a circle with a radius on the hole you can use the Offset edge option to create a circle.

@Victor_Shapr3D Having the radius will allow me to quickly reference the size of the hole I made in order to make something sized correctly to go through that hole. Especially if I don’t remember from one day to the next time I get around to working on the design.

@Gelphyn I’ll try that thanks!

Thanks, Nate for the extra background info.
Selecting the circular edge of the hole should display the radius of the circle at the bottom of the workspace as shown in the attached image.

It’s strange that it isn’t the case on the image you attached. It seems you might have more Items selected on the workspace.
Please can you try simply selecting the round edge of the hole and let’s see if you get a similar result?

@Victor_Shapr3D Since the hole goes through on both sides it appears I do get the radius on one side but not the other. Very odd.

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Question: is the hole perpendicular to the front face? If so, and it looks like the body is somewhat a pyramid shape, and if that is so, then the hole at the other end would be an ellipse relative to the back surface, right?

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