Dimensions are not showing up

I projected my 3D Model to a 2D plane. When I select one side, I can see the dimension, but when I select another side, the first dimension disappears. I’ve watched tutorials on this and followed the steps, but when I do it, it never works like in the tutorial. Please help, as I’m trying to make a cutting diagram for my woodworking project.

Hi @Ljkoenig

If you would like to create dimensioned 2D drawings, instead of projecting your model to a 2D plane, use the new Drawings feature instead, which was released with 4.0 version recently. To create a drawing, select the 3D model, then choose ‘Create Drawings’ from the side menu (paid feature).

Here’s how it works:

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I’m currently using the free version and considering the hobby version. I just want to create cut sheets and parts diagrams for woodworking. How do I get the dimensions to stick like others do in tutorials?

About 23:00 mins into the video.

When you place a line, please lock the dimension as you can see in the video below. If you define a length, the dimension will automatically be locked and you will see it when you enter sketching mode.

Please note that these dimensions will be shown as annotations in the exported DXF/DWG file too.

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Thank you! I was using the wrong lock button because it thought they did the same thing.