4.0 - 2D dimensioned drawings + new pricing


It goes without saying that we like to make modeling and visualization fluid and straightforward, but now it’s time to make production and manufacturing easier. So here’s the latest scoop… 2D drawings :partying_face:

But before we dive into the nuts and bolts of 2D drawings, please note that this feature is only available to users who are PRO users—or Shapr3D for Business users. For more details about our refreshed pricing model, head on over to our Manual.

When you finish designing and perfecting your 3D model, you can create precise and useful technical drawings that seamlessly bring your products from conception to production.

You can create a drawing easily in our app, using one of these methods:

Then, you can set up your drawing preferences, including sheet size (following ISO or ANSI standards), orientation, and scale. These settings and drawing units are editable anytime.

Once you set up the basic sheet for a component, you can:

When you’re ready to share or print your 2D drawing, click Export again and specify the format: DWG, DXF, or PDF.

This is just the beginning. Soon, we’ll release more advanced features, including extended views, geometries, etc., so stand by for more updates!


I would like to add some extra info:

4.0.0 isn’t backwards compatible with the previous version, meaning if you create a WS with it, export, and want to open it your iPad which isn’t updated yet, you will get an update modal to get the 4.0.0 version there too. Without updating, you won’t be able to open the WS, so make sure you update on both platforms.

Would love if this worked, but it’s only semi worked once and all it did was create a crowded page with 4 HUGE images on top of each other. Since then, with my other designs it a) only crashes the system, over and over and over, or b) there are drawings in the manager but they’re all blank or c) it won’t allow me to select anything on the design to create the drawing. Getting quite frustrated. I submitted one of them a few minutes ago for troubleshooting. I love Shapr but it just refuses to do things so often.


Thank you for your feedback. This is something we already started to work on, you can expect a fix around MidApril.

This is happening because currently the dwg/dxf formats with multiple sketches are exported in a general way and when these dwg/dxf files are imported to Shapr3D or other softwares they put every sketch on top of each other causing the troubles you mentioned. We are working on a solution to make it able to export these formats from the Drawings space without having this overlapping issue.