Hi, is it possible to add dimensions to a drawing and if not is it on the list of things your intending on doing?


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Yes, that is going to be one of the most important improvements in the 2.0 version, that is coming in the next few weeks. Constraints & dimensioning.

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Hey Istvan,

Will you be able to view those dimensions at times other than when you are modifying the shape?

ie. Can you see the dimensions or be able to turn the dimensions on when you are looking from a Front/Back/Left/Right/Top/Bottom view or will it only be when it’s shape is selected?



This is “only” 2d dimensioning and constraints. You will be able to change, view, modify them whenever you want.

Hello! I’m new to Shapr. Has this been released? If so, how do I add dimensions? TIA!

Yes. Select a sketch, and that’s it.

@Istvan, once I modify a body, for instance extruding a cube beyond the original sketch, or moving the object to a new location, then the sketch won’t be the same dimensions as the modified body. Is there a way in these cases to show the modified dimension?


Hi - there is no sketch-body connection at the moment. You can project your body’s edges once it’s done on a plane. This will give you all the dimensions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njf8_cg-Kpc

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Ok that make sense as a work around, thanks!

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