Upcoming feature: constraints

We have smashed some bugs and going to upload a new version soon, so it is time to give you some updates what is going on, and what are we going to add next.

Constraints and dimensioning

This is a long awaited, and very important feature. We decided to improve the sketching abilities of Shapr in the next few weeks, and constraints are fundamental. And we will do it better than any other CAD. You will be able to use constraints without even knowing that you are using constraints, and that’s awesome. And what is even more interesting, it won’t complicate the current workflow, so you will be able to just simply doodle around in the app, without using any constraints. Good news: most of this feature will be free, and only advanced constraints will be limited to the pro version. ETA is 4 weeks from now, until then you can expect some other updates, like wild optimizations in the render engine - some workspaces (usually those that had tons of shapes in it) could be pretty slow (5-6FPS), now even those will run at 60FPS.
Together with the constraints, we will add some tweaks to sketching in general, eg. you will be able to have multiple active sketching planes (sketch fillings won’t disappear, when you change the grid), and you will be able to select multiple sketch fillings to extrude at once. In general, we can say that this is going to elevate Shapr3D to a whole new level, and we can not wait to see what can you make with it.

Let us know what you think.


WOW this sounds impressive and I can’t wait to see this in action. The development is excellent! Nice one!

Fantastic news!!! looking forward to it. Thanks

What about dimensioning?

They will come together.

Do they include Area dimensions?

Not planned, but if you can give us some very good use-cases, then we will consider it. I think area dimensions are not that often used, but I might be wrong.

In architecture are always used :slight_smile:
I know that Shapr is a pure modeling software, but architecture is modeling too.
I would use area dimensions to verify if what I’m drawing is what I need (dimensionally speaking), or to understand how much square meters materials I will need to build that thing just 3D modeled.

hmm, if you could just measure it, would that help?

Of course is better than nothing. But it would be better, and more practical, to select a surface (or more than one surface) and have area dimension of it.

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