Sneak peek: constraints and dimensioning

We have been working on this for a while, and now we can show you a little sneak peek of the upcoming constraints and dimensioning feature :slight_smile: (For those who are not familiar with constraints: constraints are a way to create 2d sketches effectively. Basically they let you create rough sketches, and then set up different relationships between them. These relationships will be maintained even if you modify the sketches.)

In this video I only showcased angle and length constraints, but here is a list of all the constraints we support:

  • line length
  • circle radius
  • arc radius
  • angle between two curves
  • concentric circles
  • equal length lines
  • point on curve
  • parallel lines
  • vertical/horizontal lines

How do you like it? :slight_smile:

Ps.: ETA is mid/end of September.


Great move forward :+1:t2::+1:t2: … Can’t wait till next updates :nerd_face:


awesome! dimensions is the last missing piece for me so that I can use it for my hobby wood work! Can’t wait to use it :smile:
Soon no more sketchup!!!


Wow! I was just getting the smile to subside from the last release, which is awesome BTW :thumbsup: Now we have this to look forward to… it just gets better and better. Can’t wait :slight_smile:


Copy paste would make me happy. :grinning:

Don’t worry, be happy: you can already copy paste with the transform tool. Tap on the copy button.

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That is great, as are many other options in this great app. I have situation where I have created an element in one workspace and it would be nice to be able to copy that element in other workspace.

Keep up with excellent work!

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As a workaround you can export your workspace and import it after you opened the other workspace.

That will be realy satisfying, after some free styling i got a bit irritated to discover changing proportions of initial 2d sketch was difficult or maybe impossible.

Hmm, this was released a year ago. Do you have any issues with sketching?

Hi Istvan,

maybe i haven to practise some more time before reacting, it tried to
change one line of the sketch did not succeed,

gr Friso

Why is there not a snap to constraint feature with ghosted reference point lines when in use? Rhino even let’s you leave a multitude of highlighted reference point marks to coincide various constraints, highly usable tool. Too heavy on processing?

Could you elaborate a bit please?

Placing pencil, highlighting a constraint, draggging a ”trailing” ghosted reference line from and placing your point where lifting pencil.
Rhino let’s you leave these points ”behind” with small snap-markers and it’s ghosted cordinate lines before returning to subsequently choose which markers highlighted to attach entity points to. Markers are lit up and placed if you stay momentarily at a chosen point.

Anyways, just snapping an entity point would suffice, instead of attaching constraints afterwards.

They can be seen as tiny coordinate-line snap-markers, almost like surface vector points to attach your ”3-point circle” or what-have-you to, which disappear when an entity has been assigned it’s points. They are called objectsnap markers and you can see their originate points through ghosted lines as well as light up an abundance of them as one whishes.

SORRY, the feature is called in Rhino SmartTrack! - Very nice feature!

Look at Rhino basics and SmartTrack on Youtube for this. It would be perfect for Shapr3D to have a similar feature.

Something like Rhino’s SmartTrack isn’t possible without object snaps - and a mouse… In Rhino you activate the Smart Track points and lines by hovering over object snap ‘points’ - without clicking. That’s not possible with a pen.

However… :slightly_smiling_face: Something along the same lines would be nice, but would need a different type of implementation - and object snaps are a must anyway :wink: