Dismantling instruction with Shapr3D for iPad

Hi all, i am enthusiastic about Shapr3D. It’s so intuitive and you get used to it super fast. My goal is to produce disassembly instructions for production plant parts. There should be a short video showing how to dismantle the parts. Can i do this with Shapr3D?

I am doing this exact thing with Shapr3D currently. Here is a short video of a simple assembly. I export the photos of the various parts in an exploded view. iCloud

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Here is another short video. I select each item, then move the object away from the assembly. After all parts have been exploded, I then use “undo” to reassemble the assembly. iCloud

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Thanks man, this is really great. The idea to export a photo of each assembling step is brilliant. My thoughts were much too complicate! Thank you very much :+1: