Equal spacing?

I’m designing a cabinet and I’m looking to create drawer fronts that are the same height, but are equal spacing within the opening. Is there a way to create a rectangle and the based on the opening divide that by a number for it to be equal?

Always best to add a hand drawing it for us to understand.

Yes, can you please upload a sketch? We are happy to help you model your ideas

It would look something like this. I’m looking for an easy way to draw a rectangle and then divided into equal parts. Thank you so much for your help.


If you draw vertical lines between the horizontal ones, you can make the vertical ones equal length, this way the horizontal ones will split up the area into three equal segment
Here is a video of how you can do it, hope it can help you


That’s exactly what I was looking for, thank you for the video!

Are there any plans to create a proper alignment/spacing tool?
It should be a trivial task to align/distribute items in sketching mode.
This is such a crucial feature that should be on the top of your backlog.

Adobe does this quite well.
(Strangely, I can’t upload images here. Hence the link.)

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