Do any apple pencil clones work yet?

I’m terribly tired of apple pencils getting lost, stolen, or becoming inoperative.
I’ve been through 4 so far, and truthfully, that’s equal to the price of My 12.9" gen 3 ipad pro.

I’m at a crossroad once again, as some lowlife permanently “borrowed” My apple pencil yesterday. I cannot believe that by this point in time, someone has not made an aftermarket Pencil that is 100% compatible…

I’ve purchased several, and they work flawlessly with every app I use a pencil for, except for Shapr3D.

Has anyone found a particular apple pencil clone, that works with Shapr?


The Logitech Crayon works to a point, but not for splines due to the lack of pressure sensitivity.

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This cover is very helpful
But I have no idea about a cloned pencil.

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I use this cover with my iPad Air 4.

Also, I use this app when I lose my pencil around the house to locate it.

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