Does this call for using evolve?

I’m trying to recreate a part for a friend’s old classic car (component for the steering wheel)
Could someone give me an ideal ( or point me to a video ) or which tool option I’d use in Shapr3D to get this type of arch? Something tells me it involves an evolve right?
Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. I can create the other parts/ Thanks all!

PS. I meant the union option, not evolve.

The two parts looks like parts of the domes. Try to make it with the revolve tool separately , then subtract with the top view holes and center parts, after chamfered it, and union


It appears that the important components are the lower ring with holes and the upper rectangular ring with holes. The two angular supports are needed to maintain the dimensional relationship of the upper and lower rings, right? I don’t know how important it is to replicate the angular supports as exactly as possible. Here is an approach to create those supports. It is a combination of using Loft and Subtract. The green body is subtracted from the Union of the lower ring and lofted support. Hope this helps.

I’m curious, how do you plan to physically make this part after you have a 3D model?

Regards, Mike

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Hi there, Wow! Thanks to all who chimed in. I really appreciated and have learned some new tools/tips.
Mike - yes you are totally correct. I’d say the supports wouldn’t have to be exact. That added video seems to be spot on. I’ll try the suggestion above and upload my finished model/ (fingers crossed).
I think he wants me to print it in ABS or he might have it CNC’d. I would think if ABS he probably will not be driving the car but rather for fabrication or replacement.
Thanks again all. I’ll keep you updated.

Mike, Many thanks. I didn’t realize you uploaded that video for me/us.
That was very nice of you. Thank you sir!

Here some pics from the another way…

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You are most welcome. Glad to help.
Yes, what I did is one way to create the support. The other support would lend itself to the method that JST suggested by using a partial Revolve. Both methods can work. Good luck with the final design.

Regards, Mike