Domed face

Is there a clever way of giving a face a dome?

I’ve tried a fillet but get a flat area on the face.

I’ve had some success with creating quarter circle and using revolve to create a dome and intersecting the shape I want domed with the dome shape, but it’s not really what I want.


Hi, there are great suggestions on how to create a dome shape on this thread:

I hope that this helps!

Thanks. Yes, I’d seen that post and modified the idea.

I want to be able to dome the faces of shapes like moons and hearts.

I wasn’t sure how I’d use that method with anything other than a circle? I did try adapting that method by creating a circular dome and then extruding the crescent shape up through it, keeping the intersect but it doesn’t really give me what I want, the dome/gradient doesn’t start from the same height all the way round.

In the image above I’d like the doming to follow the lines of the shape, like in this image, but not to have the flat area on the face.

Is this possible?

I still do not understand what you will like to achieve. If you have an image of what the end result will look like, please attach it.

I’m guessing that what you mean by to “follow the line”, you are reffering to the heart shape on the body?

If this is your question, you can double-tap on the face using a finger
Use the Spline feature to make a sketch of the heart or half dome shape on the face
Double tap on the 3d view cube to ge back to 3d view
And then you can extrude the Spline sketch

Here’s a short video on the Spline feature: