How do I create a dome shape?

Is there a tutorial for creating a dome shape or can someone explain it? So far I have been lofting a circle to create the staggered base, but now I need to add the cap and I haven’t been able to figure out how to get a nicely rounded peak.

For the record, I am not a professional Shapr3D is my first foray into real modeling (TinkerCAD is what I have been using until now), so more detail on any explanations would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a short video on the logic of creating domes. In general, for all bodies of revolution, try to use Revolve.

One thing you should check in cases of dome, that the geometry (in this case, both the spline and line) should be perpendicular to your Revolve axis. This will ensure the smoothness of your surface.

This is the difference between a non-perpendicular revolve (which can be good in certain cases, just not in this :slight_smile: ) and a perpendicular one

Here are the two ways you can ensure smoothness:

  1. use a control point spline, and make sure the second to last point is on the same line as the last
  2. create a line on the other side of the axis and set a tangency constraint between that and your curve/spline

Ugh. Duh. Now that you’ve shown me it seems so obvious :laughing:

I was thinking in the wrong 2 dimensions and trying to draw a circle and raise it. Switching the plane and using revolve makes perfect sense.

Thanks much for the help. :+1:

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