How do I add a cylinder to a dome shape

I want to add a cylinder to a shelled dome shape. But no way it seems, will Shapr 3D do this, because a dome isn’t planar. I have tried adding construction planes relative to the dome, but this doesn’t work either. I signed up a subscription to this but feel now, have wasted my money. I use Fusion 360 which is great, but liked the idea of having a similar program on iPad, if it worked as well. It doesn’t seem to.

Here’s one way.


Thanks Tiger Mike, I appreciate the video, and the time you made available to do it, especially on New Years Day, or Eve, depending on where you’re from! But how do you place it to intersect at an angle to the dome rather than vertically with the centre axis? Happy New Year!

Glad to help. It’s NY eve here in So. Cal. No partying tonight, just kicking back.
Many ways to do things in Shapr3D. In the previous video I used Replace Face to bring the cylinder to the dome. In the 2nd I used Subtract. Result is the same. Once you get into a Shapr3D ‘direct modeling’ workflow, you’ll find it quite fast and intuitive.
Happy New Year!


That’s great Mike, so useful! Again I appreciate your time. Sunshine, heat, and a quiet NY’s day down in the south of NZ. Cheers