Drafting Failed

I am trying to extrude the dark blue bars, but whenever I do that I get the error above “Drafting Failed.”. The error shows up when I tap “Done” to start the extrusion process. I also seem to be getting this error with other project files as well. What is causing this and how do I prevent it?

Hi Jeffrey, most likely the sketch is not properly closed and it’s hard to detect this from the image. Please send us the design file via support@shpar3d.com. We will look into it and then get back to ASAP. Thanks for your patience.

What is the proper way to get this file off my iPad Pro, so I can email it to you?

After you have exported the file - tap on the Share tab to get options that will allow you to save the file to the cloud, send it to your PC using Airdrop(MAC) or tap on the Mail icon to send it to me directly.

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Ok, file has been sent.

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Thank you for your help and the explanation video. It’s greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hi Jeffrey, I’m glad I could assist. If you have any further questions feel free to reach out, we are here to assist :slight_smile:

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