Drag and drop on Export


· When you export a file and it says “export with drag and drop” what does that mean? Drag and drop from where to where?



I recently asked the same question. Usually the forum software will direct you there… Will look for it…




Istvan recently contributed this:

Most people just don’t know about the system wide dnd feature in iOS, but it’s very useful :slight_smile:




Thanks for the helpful response. I still don’t know what to drag from Shapr3D. Dragging a file from the “Design” screen doesn’t seem to work for me. Can you offer more specific instructions?


Neither do I! Sorry can’t help further… I suspect that this is a system wide iOS message.

We need some kind person from the Shapr team explain the possibilities re Shapr3D.




It’s super easy! I hope you find this vid useful; I drag the file from Shapr3D (touch and hold the finger) and drop it into the Files app


Thanks! That’s the clue I needed, though by the time you get to the drag ‘n drop stage you’re about done saving anyway, so not sure it saves steps, but it’s more fun.



It can be really useful if you are using split screen multitasking for example :slight_smile:


You’re welcome! Yes I rarely (maybe at no time!) use dnd when using Shapr3D. It’s not so useful. It’d be nice if we had dnd to import for Shapr3D as I suggested earlier. Here is the link: 3.7 beta is out on Testflight for Beta testers
But I use dnd very regularly for other tasks and apps like Pages and then emailing, gallery, etc, it’s very handy.