Draging and droping bodies into Folder

Is there a way to drag and drop several bodies in a folder in one operation and not one by one?
I miss this feature that existed before the new Group tool, where we could allocate a bodie to a layer by selecting them from a simple clic.

The new one by one drag and drop opération can be very slow.


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Hello, currently you can only drag and drop bodies into a folder one by one. We are revamping this feature and the ability to group drag bodies into a folder will be available soon in our subsequent update version releases. Thank you for your understanding.


How did you do it? I´m lost about this. Move several bodys is tired work. time and eye consuming.
I pined with the pencil, tried to move it to the folder but nothing happen. I just did a line. ja.

Thanks in advance.

Hello are you asking on how to move bodies between folders(one at a time) or the possibility of drag dropping bodies in groups? As explained above, currently it’s only possible to drag and drop bodies into folders one at a time. Moving several bodies at a time will be available soonest in our subsequent application update version releases.