Drain Grates

I am not super thrilled with the commercial selections available (or more likely just looking for a reason to make my own) so I am designing my own custom drain grates for a retaining wall I just finished.

I got a metal foundry for Christmas so I am planning to cast them in aluminum once I have the design I really like.

A Few different designs I am playing with

some of these I don’t think are castable…???..


The W one and the circular louvred one might be hard to cast because of the undercut louvres - but you could make some cores by printing a core box for them.

Thanks for the tip. I’ve not done casts before so can use all the advice I can get. I was thinking about doing lost PLA cast. Not sure if that makes a difference in this case.

I’ve only made a few simple patterns over the years but because of my dad being into vintage ships and motorcycles (odd combo huh?) ive always been around a few engineers and top restoration mechanics who often do a bit of their own casting or pattern making.

Lost PLA casting should make it easy… no draft or even the need for a split mould box. A top pour might well be ok but in case you’re interested …

…There’s a good old fashioned book on scribd about how to design gating, sprue and channels for the pour.

The Ten Rules of Castings.


Awesome… Thanks