Split ducts and different diameters

Hi, im quite new with Shapr3D and trying to (learn) design an alternative to a duct i have. Please see the picture attached. The problem i have is i have learnt to sweep and loft, but i cant seem to make it work with my design, my plan was to do half the ducting and mirror it later .Has anyone got any ideas please?


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Sorry, only aloud 1pic per post

Here’s a way that could work for you. I used Loft with a spline curve as a guide. If you do this, make sure the guide is connected to both circles. After the loft I used Copy-Rotate 180° although you could use Mirror as well. Then I did a Union and a fillet radius at the join followed by a Shell.


Oh brill, thanks very much. I will have a play with this.


Hi @Adman110

Just curious, what is that part for? Looks like an intake boot for a motorcycle air box.

Yes @NathanD, spot on. A mate of mine has asked for me to produce one as he is finding it difficult to purchase one. Its from a CCM i think.

Also, @TigerMike i have had a play and the design has come out perfectly, i will hopefully be printing the first one today.


@Adman110 keep us posted, I’m curious how it comes out. What are you printing it with, material wise?

The older CCMs are difficult to find parts for, even though a lot of them used an off the shelf BMW engine.

Yer, my mate said this part is discontinued and they always failing. Im trying first with TPU plastic but im worried about the heat from the engine, but we’ll see. Its in its 19 hr print now so i’ll let you know how it goes :+1: