Make sink

I want to make this sink and i dont know make the curves from up face to cycle.

Hi Vemat,

I think the tool you need is Loft, where you have guide lines. This guided loft allows you to define the shape of the loft.

In my test, I (temporarily) changed the drain to an octagon. That shape was chosen because you have 8 points in your profile. I then made two (temporary) bodies, top and bottom. Now there are points to select when making construction axes (8 of them). You draw your curve (I did a simple arc, but you can use spline to get the shape you desire) on these planes. Those curves become the guide rails for the loft.

After lofting, I shelled the body, gave it fillets and extruded a circle to make the drain circular.

Search this forum for guided loft.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Hi Bob3DPO,
Can you send me more photos to understand this example?

Sure. Here is a couple photos and a .shapr file attached. You will need to use the HBPM beta to open the shapr file.

Making one guide line:

All the guides for the loft:

Shapr3d file:
Sink.shapr (311.2 KB)

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Can i open from beta to classic shapr3d?

@VematTernenopoulos yes, if you export it in X_T you can import it to the production app.

And if he send me from beta how convert to X_T?

Here is an production Shapr version after export / import:
Sink.shapr (89.3 KB)

If you would like to try the beta version, it’s available here: Shapr3D Parametric Beta.

Hi Vemat,

No, sorry, you cannot open this file with the production version. I have been using the Beta for most of my work. If you haven’t tried it, I suggest you do… both the beta and the production version are totally separate from each other, and you can’t readily open one from the other in .shapr format. So you can keep using the production version without worries of losing anything.

What @Matyi sent has the bodies only. My guess is from export/import of my file in x_t format. (Thanks Matyi!). The problem with that is you won’t see the sketch planes, or guide lines which is the most important part of what you are trying to do.

It is easy to try the beta, and will give you a head start on HBPM that is coming.

And, there is nothing in the file that requires the beta features. I just like to test out different things in the beta.

For the guided loft, there are many posts here in the forum, and also on YouTube. Here is one: