Draw a line and extrude it

…to a “wall” is disabled ?


No, it is not available in 3.0.

Can you attach a screenshot of what did you use it for. Did you create walls, or used it as a plane?

To bad…
I used it a lot for example split up objects or cut off things and use mirror tool, and as a plane also.
And also create simple objects (draw a line for example 100mm, extrude it 100, then extrude it again on the side 100, there you have made a cub in just three moves… all angels are 90 degrees



You can get the same results with using construction planes now. Also, mirror now works on faces too, so there’s no need to create a mirror plane like there was before.

There are pros and cons. It does take a few more steps to get some things done but in other cases it takes less.

For cubes we will be releasing a “body library” in the next bigger release, so there will be no need for the workarounds, and you will be able to create a cube in one step :slight_smile:

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Here is a very good example why an extruded line would be easier and simpler, 3:20min

Yes, that’s the “creating the cubes” use case. It was easier in the past. The “body library” we are working on will be a solution for this.

Since it was mentioned above at some point: how could I split an object into to two by using a constraction plane, e.g. like in the original example to cut the unnecessary parts off from the pipe for the heart before doing the mirror?

yes, could we have a cut feature. Like cutting an object into 2 or more.


Please use the subtract tool for this. Either through Tools or create a sketch on a face, and subtract it with the Pencil (just like you would with extrude) here is an article on how you can create holes with the push-pulling faces, closed sketches. This should help

Unfortunatelly substract does not help if I like to split, that mean I would like to keep both parts. Or does it?

Indeed it does not, but quite often the replace face tool can be a solution. It is a super powerful tool, unfortunately, we will have to work a bit more on explaining it better. here are two good examples, where it can be useful:

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And the other one:

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Nice example. Indeed I don’t had such a use case of the replace tool in such a way in mind.

Could we maybe “just” give the opportunity to keep the replaced parts, instead of removing them?

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Can you elaborate a bit?

In Autodesk fusion 360 they’re having that option to extrude a line, the same as the one you took away!
Please bring it back!