Drawing break for long objects

2D drawing is fantastic and very close to what we need, just wondering if the following is possible before we continue through to the paid version.

We have long objects which are often 30m long. When converting our 3d model to 2d drawings, we need to add a break in the drawing to save space and increase detail on the 2d drawings while retaining the overall dimensions? Similar to below. Appreciate any help.
Drawing Break Example


Thanks for sharing your use case. Break views are currently not possible in Drawings and are not planned to be added on the short term. However, we will soon add Detail views. To what extent could that cover your needs until there is no break view?

Alexander, I had a project that was very long as well. A break would have been the proper method. Instead, I scaled down the views which portrayed the full length. It is not “normal” to convey drawings this way, but it does allow me to scale each view as needed, which got the job done.


Picture 2

This is the issue i am having. I need to show picture 2 in more detail with dimensions but as you can see in picture 1, is quite difficult to do with such a long product and high ratio. Is there a way to have a “not to scale” 2d drawing where i can input dimensions, and scale each view whilst keeping the same dimensions? So i can have the long side of the view fit the page, but then have the smaller front and back sections larger to have them seen more clearly? Thanks

When you go to Views, and choose a view, you can change it’s scale individually. It will show the scale below it. Then you can dimension it. That probably puts too many dimensions too close for your liking though.

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This is perfect! exactly what I need. Appreciate your help. Thank you!

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