View scale larger than 1:1 in 2D Drawings

Would like to scale smaller models so they are more clearly visible on .pdf outputs.

Part of my workflow includes electronic concept designs, some of the components are small and not clearly visible in any of the views or outputs. I am currently using Shapr3D for the design of these concepts then output as .step > input to Fusion360 create the drawings at 3:1 (or sometimes larger) then .pdf to client.
I my preference would be to use Shapr3D for my full end to end, file management and changes are a real mess.

In some instances I scale my drawings in the 3D model and can then get nice clean .pdf outputs, but this only works for visual representations that don’t require dimensions.

Hey @Chop,
In drawings please open the View Scale dropdown menu on the properties sidebar. At the bottom of the list you’ll find the larger scales.

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I can’t believe I missed this, so good it’s here, my life just got better!! Thank you @H_Daniel