Dropbox integration

Am I alone in having real issues with Dropbox integration on iPad ? Every other time I try to import or export to a dropbox folder the ‘file explorer’ interface just hangs. Sometimes after a coupe of minutes ithe file / folfer list appears other times I have to shut down and restart Shapr3D.

Always happens when I am in a hurry !!!

Also I use Shapr3D across a couple of iPad’s and a mac… its a rela pain to keep having to log in !!

Try iCloud its a lot better than Dropbox and OneDrive is also ahead of Dropbox

Thanks Warren.

Unfortunately, I have too much time and subscription invested in Dropbox. After using Dropbox for my business for years I reviewed 18 months ago. I found Dropbox to be better for price and features although I admit there isn’t much in it.

I will look again at renewal.

To be fair to Shapr3d I don’t think it is a problem with their app. I now find the same delays using ‘files’ (IOS app) on my iPad. I guess it could be Apple trying to encourage me to use iCloud / discourage me from using Dropbox.