Lost Workspace

Using the Off Set Tool
Shapr crashed
The Project still shows up in the Workspace palette but when clicking on it won’t load
Logged out and then Logged back in and still doesn’t show up
Have a Premium Account
Was under the impression that with a Premium Account there was Cloud storage
Any suggestions?
Only have 5 Projects, this Project has a number of Layers but wouldn’t say it was to heavy on objects
Working on a 12" iPad Pro

No there is no cloud. Can you please send that file to istvan@shapr3d.com? I will fix it and send it to you if it is possible.
You can download your workspaces via iTunes, and send the file from there.

In case if we can not restore your workspace, we will compensate you indeed.

It’s Sunday!
very appreciative for your effort
Shapr is such a God send, cant thank you enough
Thought we had Exported that file the other day, but it was the wrong one
There are two Reformer Projects
The one we want is the icon that is just showing a circle (not sure if that helps you)

Been trying to send you the file but it is rejecting my email address when sending it as a response to your email and when we try to Upload through the Forum it is saying as a new member we can’t upload files!
Any suggestions! :-0

Can you upload it to google drive, or Dropbox?

Of course!
In the middle of company and was destructed!

No worries, we will handle it.

Checking it out, 10 min.

Think we just noticed that you hid the last DropBox Link
You all are so smart!
If you already have the file we’re going to take it off of DropBox :slight_smile:

Got it. Feel free to delete.

We teach Pilates and are in the process of designing new equipment so not being public would be nice!
But in all honesty we would be more than happy to recommend Shapr 3D
We recommend it to any one that asks and show it off as the highlight of what the potential of the iPad is
We had designed one of the first Apple Tablets close to 10 years ago and Shapr is the fulfillment of what we had hoped for all those years ago!
So in all honesty we are very appreciative for what you had brought about



Found the issue, working on it, should be done very soon. Your file is intact, the problem is in the parsing module, I should be able to recover it. No worries.

You are an Angel! :slight_smile:

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What were the units of this file?

Unfortunately I was wrong, the file was damaged. However I managed to recover most of it. I really hope it helps, for me it seems that most of it has been recovered. I sent the link to you with the fixed file by email. I am terribly sorry about the inconvenience. I know that’s cold comfort, but we have addressed this issue in the upcoming 2.0 release.

Hate to be dense here, but do I just drop that file into iTunes, do I delete what was there first?
Or is there an Import process from outside of iTunes?

Hi, you can import the file from the app itself (go to workspaces and there’s an import button in the top left corner) or from outside the app using the standard share menu and selecting “copy to shapr3d”.

You can import it, or copy it to workspaces/5173CB42-2C87-4439-AF79-468DE53EBC7F/workspace and copy with iTunes to your iPad

Away from desktop now, will give the Import a shot