Dual Extrude

Wish list

  1. Symmetrical / two side Extrude option
    So that I don’t have to keep repeating extrudes for the opposite side of the mirror plane. Check out Fusion 360 Extrude for the gold standard in this. Covers every situation you could want.

  2. Search function on object lists. Even if I filter the object list by Sketch or Solid I can still have long lists. Please just put a search bar at the top so I can just search for the name of the object (layer) I require. Would help heaps.


Huge bummer! I frequently make use of symmetric and dual-sided extrudes so was extremely disappointed to find that this feature doesn’t exist.

I’m currently on the free trial trying to decide between Shapr3D and Fusion. Although I’m loving Shapr3D thus far, the lack of this capability could very well drive me towards Fusion. :disappointed_relieved: Is this feature coming soon hopefully?

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Coming in a few weeks.