Can you extrude to the extent of another part of the model?

Hey All,

I’m getting really into my new iPad Pro, the only reason i break out the old laptop nowadays is for Fusion 360, I like Shapr, seems like it would do most of what i do for 3D printing, but I’m stuck a few steps into a design over what must be an oversight on my part.

In fusion, if you have a few bodies in the mix and need to extrude a surface to a distance you don’t immediately know the exact measurement too, you just click on any other geometry at that extent, a surface, a point, an offset, and the extrude calculates the distance it needs to extrude by and snaps to the distance you have selected, does that make sense? It’s so simple in practice but quite hard to explain :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a complete deal breaker for me, feels like I’m missing an icon or If Shapr can only extrude by typing in the distance on the numpad, then its not really suitable for mildly complex models? I might build up a design and then need to extrude to an unknown distance, how do i do this if the built up distance isn’t a nice round integer and I don’t know the exact measurement?

If this makes no sense ill make a GIF, or something :stuck_out_tongue:

I suggest to extrude more and cut with object you want to have as limit

The replace face tool?

Hi thanks for the feedback, it makes sense. There is no feature in the app for this and I will pass on your feedback to our product team.

A rough workaround can be to:

  • Switch to a 2d view
  • Draw a line at the point you will like to have the face extruded to
  • Tap on the face/edge and the tap on the line to select it
  • The vertical distance between the face and the line will be displayed at the bottom of the workspace

You can then input the distance as the dimension for the “extrude”


As another user mentioned, the replace face tool also offers a similar fix, a few extra taps but has so far kept me off m main machine for the design I’m making at the moment.

Would love to see an implementation of a “snap to” tap or gesture in the future :slight_smile:


I agree. If need extruded distance from a face to be consistent even if go back and change size of object. The extruded surface should be able to “stick” to an desired offset distance from a face.