Duplicating an object

Please add a menu command to duplicate an object in-place. The existing duplication mechanism is fiddly, time-consuming and error-prone.


Are you sure? Double click the object, tap copy, drag an arrow and type a zero, hit enter. Probably faster if using keyboard shortcuts.

Yeah, it’s baroque. How about a single click command to duplicate? Duplication is such a common necessity and diving into the repositioning flow risks moving the part.


Try doing that on a folder with 100 or 200 objects. It lags to infinity. It takes like 10 seconds for the movement to update. i9 processor, 3050ti gc, 64GB RAM

To Shapr3D team
This is the worst thing in shapr3D, I use duplicate features all the time and it makes zero sense shapr3D to not have a simple duplicate in place feature.
I hate this so much that I’ve been thinking to just replace shapr3d for fusion, that’s the level where I’m at


I totally agree that the current copying method is cumbersome. In the past I could copy an object by clicking the plus sign and entering a ‘0’. Now the ‘0’ does not work anymore, I have to enter a greater value than ‘0’ and afterwards move the object back… really time consuming…
Gratz Christian.


Hi @cwijnveen ,

A work-around for that is to copy and rotate 360 degrees.

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But it is very laggy when rotating 100s of objects at the same time


Yep. It is also laggy to translate 100s. Twice. Work-arounds are not efficient. Christian was using a method to duplicate that is no longer supported. An integrated tool/function/method that is fast is desired, but not here at the moment. How do you duplicate hundreds of bodies? What do you do about parametric history?

I don’t use it with parametric features. I mainly use it to maintain different objects versions. Sometimes I have dozens of versions of an object with 100 bodies.

Parametric modeling solves some of the need for multiple models by allowing you to go back and make changes that propagate to the entire model. I think versioning is on the table for future updates. Hopefully that would eliminate the need for the multiple copy practice entirely.

It would be nice if the ole control-C, control-V worked though. TBF, the similar function in Fusion gets a bit weird in certain situations.