Duplicate objects in a layer?

Maybe I missed this, or it’s a feature request, but is there a way to duplicate a layer with objects easily?

I often build objects for Boolean operations and I hate losing them after the operation. I might need them again for iterations.

Is there a way to easily duplicate a bunch of objects or an option to “keep” the object doing the 2nd part of the Boolean?

Thank you


Currently - no. Stupid, huh?

But you can copy/paste objects with the transform tool, and the transform tool lets you select a group of objects, so basically yes you can, but in a really stupid way.

We haven’t implemented this yet, since now we are working on a huge release, that will change many of the unusual/stupid/weird things in the workflow. Eg. groups will totally change, and will be much much smarter. Sketches will be automatically grouped, etc.

Sneak peek: Sneak peek: constraints and dimensioning

Thanks for the super quick reply.

Yes! Using the transform tool will be my workaround for now. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that.

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Has the “Duplicate A Layer” feature been added yet? I too would like this option even though I understand I can do it with the transform tool.

Have you realised that you have responded to a Thread that is a couple of years old?
I got really excited reading about the:

Coincidentally the above quote seems to state on the right 8h ago as does your Post, and this has often mislead me in the past. The latest Post Time/Date resides in this position regardless of the Thread scrolling position, it remains visible as if pertaining to all Posts. The actual Date difference is not so clearly defined but the earlier reference is from August 2016 while yours is October 2019.

I am unsure what you are regarding as a Layer feature within Transform.
Perhaps by Layer are you referring to Construction Plane(s) [CP]?
If you are referring to CP, is is available via Add > Construction Plane and you may be interested in:

How to move a sketch into a different folder

Yes, I realized I am posting on a post that is several years old.

By “Layers” I am referring to the icon next to the undo and redo buttons at the bottom left of the screen. It looks like a square above another square, which is why I called it Layers. Also, most drawing apps have layers function that allows you to group objects together, select them as a group, hide/unhide them, and delete them, which is what that button seems to mimic and that’s another reason I called it “Layers”. The original poster of this tread also called it “Layers” as well, so that’s the third reason I called it “Layers”. I’m curious… what do you call that button I’m talking about?

Just to be sure we are both talking about: image
Please accept my 100% agreement for your reason calling this particular Icon Layers.

If we are talking about the same thing, then reference to Layers should, for S3D purposes, be amended to Items.
You can verify this by visiting:

Menu Flowchart

Yes, that’s the symbol I’m referring to. So it’d be cool if they add the feature to duplicate a folder/group of objects. I just called the folder or group a ”Layer”, which is where you might have gotten confused by what I said. Essentially, the folder/group is a layer; otherwise, everything in the Layers menu is just objects and folders with nothing being an actually layer even though it’s in the layer menu.

There are a lot of things needing attention but the first priority of the S3D Development Team is to decide and control the order of attention.

IMHO S3D Terminology needs an overhaul to make it more useful and fit for purpose.

Websters offer:

Items: Objects of attention, concern, or interest
Simply an odd, to a native English speaker, choice of word.

This should be superseded by:

Entities: Things having separate and distinct existence and objective or conceptual reality.
A word used by some Graphics related Software Developers.

I requested, along with a few other aspects, Archiving the Forum by Year to avoid old out of date information being dragged up time and time again. Anyone who has used S3D for a few months may quickly realise how fast things evolve and change.
The co-siting of Shapr3d.app Version History, currently only in the Apple Mobile App Store, to be echoed in the Forum and within the App on the Settings page.
The outcome was that these suggestions made good sense. However it will have to take its place in the Development plan.

At this time is there any point discussing the detail we both would like to see improved?
Still hopeful for significant improvement, but finding iPadOS has delivered some benefits.
Be aware it is understood that iPadOS improvements would address the Items/Folder/Filing aspects of S3D, and is currently undergoing Development progress. changes will hopefully improve how things can be handled within Items. Once again the Development plan will take precedence.

Because the following was composed to cover a similar situation I have C&P it here :

Duplicating Items is not strictly a Feature. but it is possible to Copy Items provided you can deal with various caveats.

The Design/Drawing/Workspace Area, or call it what you will, contains the following:

Axis and Planes each individual Item will remain separate but benefit from being given adequate ID. Keeping the Items list tidy in alphabetical order seems to be good practice.

Folders need careful handling and frequent checks during processing to ensure the results expected are being delivered.

Expand Folders by clicking: image

Proper ID of Content will enable quick selection within Items. This File, is offered within the following Link, Example L10055 x 40 x 5 QBFox Bodies.shapr ](/uploads/short-url/iAlW7we9mEMktu6hcYXACX1PAwo.shapr) use this File to make changes to Folders and review the outcome: Play with this File

I am very much looking forward to being able to Type in annotations and possibly removing the manual aspects of laborious alternative workarounds to entering Text within Designs and Sketches.

✿✿✿Sketches need special attention.✿✿✿

Hide/ Unhide are controlled by the Eye Icon: image / image to the right of Item entries.

✿✿✿ This was the purpose of the Link in my first post above .