Feature Suggestion: duplicate this folder?

When I’m working on a series of designs (say multiple fitments of something) I like to organize my top layer as folders and hide/duplicate to work on different versions. Currently I use the move tool (copy) mode to make duplicates for modification, but then I have to highlight just the new ones, and move them out of the current folder and into a new. It would be very helpful if the same sub-menu that I use to rename a folder also had a “duplicate” option, then I could just make duplicates of items and rename saving time and selection steps.

PS - the new tool additions and improvements from literally last week have made things SO MUCH BETTER!!

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Thanks bruck, i was about to write a similar request…

Duplicate Folders could be very useful.

Note : please see my new post “Feature Suggestion : Select previous” which could be an alternative to “duplicate folders”.