DWG/DXF export proportion problem

Sorry I just start learning and I am not that familiar with CAD.
I exported this to a CAD file, I have tried exporting to both DWG and DXF files.

But then when I use other CAD editing software to open it, the proportion is messed up. Yet the dimensions shown are all right, so I am not sure if the final outcome will have the correct proportion. Are there anyway to fix the proportion or is it okay to continue using the file?

This is the file with the wrong proportion when I use other software to open it (I cannot embed two media at once so I put it here)

Hi, it looks like your drawing was created on a plane that is rotated between the Front and Top planes by 45° from each and it got projected to one of those planes when showing in other software - i guess to the plane which is defined by the X and Y axes.
I am sure rotating the sketch will get to the result you are looking for. Can you please rotate the whole sketch by 45° to get a clear view of it from the Top view?

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Yes, I rotated the sketch and the proportion is right, I can’t believe I overlooked that part XD. Thank you so much!

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no worries :smiley: Good to see that it is solved