DXF Disconnected

I export a lot of drawings in .dxf. Starting last night, email was having issues so I cannot actually send and email from the ‘email file’ tab under the formats screen. Rather I have to go to ‘share with’ in the dialogue box and physically select my email. Then it will send.

I also noticed that now when exporting as .dxf, when opening to curate in my cut program, all parts are ‘broken’ meaning that instead of clicking on a vector and having the entire vector union highlight, I have to go to each tab, circle or line etc and individually select it so that I can make it a cut layer. This all started yesterday, 10 Feb 2020, prior to this it was brilliant, now it is a time suck.

Hi @Shurta03 ,

We would be happy to look into this issue to learn what happened. Can you share your shapr workspace here in the thread? (Or send it to me directly to alexander.pavlov@shapr3d.com)

Few more details that could help us in the investigation:

  • Were you exporting sketches or technical drawings in DXF?
  • Which version of Shapr3D are you using and on what kind of device?

I emailed it to the email in the above post, yesterday.

In yet another serious development, now when I email a .dxf file, the .dxf file extension is missing, including the name and it just says ‘unknown name’ when I receive the email. Nothing recognizes it as a .dxf file and instead either says ‘file type incompatible’ or ‘unknown file type.’ I am at a loss as to what needs to be done, save if this can’t be resolved I will have to renew my license with Solidworks and use them. I cannot have an interruption like this that goes on for days with no response.

Hi @Shurta03, apologies for the inconvenience, very sorry to hear about this issue Can you send me the .shapr file? istvan@shapr3d.com
I can take a look tonight.

Also, can you please provide some additional information in the email? Platform, device type, current app version. That could help with reproducing the issue.

It is the same software version, device type and SHAPR3D version I sent two days ago in the previous email.

Hi Shurta, I don’t have access to my team’s email unfortunately. I’m happy to take a look tonight, or sync with them Monday morning.

That was not 100% accurate, now I am running iPadOS 15.3.1. I updated to the latest update to see if it made a difference, it did, no even fewer things in the SHAPR3D program work. I will send you the file, however with the email glitches I am not sure what you can do with it, I cannot get anything to open it.

I just emailed @ istvan@shapr3d.com with the information and file you requested.

Thanks, I’ll take a look and follow up in email.

Just for the sake of reference: we’ve managed to find the issue with @Shurta03 , and apparently it’s an issue with iPadOS and the Gmail app. The problem was that if you have %. character(s) in your file name, for some reason the Gmail app on iPad can’t handle that (at least on iPadOS 15.3.1), and damages and renames the file. The solution is to simply not add these characters to the filename.