Edge/Body contraints

Is it possible to give an edge on a body a constraint like stay horizontally?

For Example:

If i build an eyewear frame i have to modify the end pieces of the front by project them and sketch a horizontally line and measure the angle. Now i can set the angle to the edge with the move and rotation tool to get horizontally. This is necessary to get a good transition of the temples and hinges.

If i want to change the forward leaning angle from the front in the history based parametric modeling the end pieces would stay in this position. At the moment there doesnt. The end pieces rotate with the forward leaning.

At the moment we don’t have any way to specify constraints in 3D space and we don’t plan to add it too soon.

I am not sure I completely understand your use case (a few screenshots would help a lot), but generally speaking, one approach that can have a similar end result in the parametric version is adding Align or sometimes Translate operations to the end of the history and have those automatically “fix” the position to the parts of your design that you want to keep in a certain position:

Here a quick preview of this workflow. What i want to archive is that if i only change the angle of the hole front that the end piece stays in position. But at the moment im fail to get this parametric. I working on a template to get all eyewear parameters set via value change in the history.

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Thanks for the screenshots, it’s a bit more clear now. However, it’s still hard to reconstruct the exact set of issues just based on this, but I am quite sure that if you reach out to our Support team and share the exported .shapr file with them, they’d be able to help you find a solution.

My general approach would be to

  1. create the pieces that you want to move separately as separate bodies or split them into multiple ones using Split Body
  2. add the Move/Rotate step afterwards (applied on only the part you want to move)
  3. use Loft or Replace Face to create the connection
  4. do a Union to re-join them

Here’s a very simplistic example of that:

Is that similar to what you’d like to achieve?

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Thank you for charing and explaining me the workflow. I got no idea to use the replace face tool for that. That is a lot quicker and makes my workflow unnecessary. I could recreate your workflow by testing it.


Happy to hear it worked!

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