Edit existing text?

I have used the text tool, but is there a way to edit existing text similar to how it is done in Fusion 360?

It that in Shapr3D there’s no way to repeat adding text labels that start from exactly the anchor point, font, font size, etc. I have to start from scratch and manually line the text up each time.

There is no way to edit features you made from text, due to the lack of associativity between sketch and feature in Shapr3D.
Plus: The text is converted directly into splines, thats why it is not possible to edit text (because there is no text - just splines).
Shapr3D is a pure direct-modelling software and non-parametric right now. So in deed the concept is to start over again - sorry!
HTH Cheers Matt

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Thanks. That explanation does make sense, even if it is disappointing!

Hello, sorry to revive this question. But now that parametric beta is here, would this be possible?

So you can return to the point before the text was converted to splines and modify it?