Regarding automatic model modification based on sketch editing

After watching the tutorial and practicing, I have a question. It seems like Shapr3D replaces most of the functions of existing 3D drawing tools. However, it seems difficult to modify sketches. For example, with existing tools, if i finish the process of sketching-extruding-filleting and then modify the sketch again, the extrusion and fillet are automatically applied according to the sketch. But with Shapr3D, it seems like you have to delete the 3D model and modify the sketch again, then go through the process of extruding and filleting again. I’m curious if I haven’t found this feature or if it hasn’t been implemented yet. Also, although the number of sketches is visible in the sketch plan, it doesn’t seem possible to select each sketch. Even if I click on it directly, the editing function does not pop up. Can you explain this? If this is resolved, it would be a great portable drawing tool for me. Thank you.

Well it’s a bit different with Shapr3D. You only begin with the sketch. Then you apply changes to the 3D body. Fillets, chamfers, holes, etc. so much is done on the model itself rather than from the sketch.

That’s the difference between parametric modeling, which Shapr3D is not designed to do but apps like Fusion 360 are, and direct modeling.

The problem I’ve always found with parametric modeling is that if you have a complex design, changing a sketch created in the early phases of the design almost always has detrimental affects to the final design, requiring multiple changes to undo the issues caused by changing that early sketch.