Edit in 3D

I am in the trial period and try to figure out if I shal buy the app or not. So far I have been through to basic tutorials and have started on my first project. Up to now my biggest struggle is to edit my 3D model. It is very annoying when you have got very far on a 3D model and find out that you have to move a hole or a cut-out or the length of an extrude and you are not able to do it. Is this because of my lack of knowlegde of the app or is it not possible to make such changes?

I see about the same issue has been rised earlier in this forum and a update is on the way.

Of course you can modify your 3D objects, with the push/pull interaction, or with the transform tool, or with the many other tools the app offer. In this tutorial, you can learn more about how direct modeling allows you to modify even imported geometry:

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