Eliminate the lighting glare in the workspace after latest update

I’ve just updated to the latest release as of February 7 and now I have a very distracting glare on all my models while in the workspace. How do I get rid of it and go back to just solid colors?

I’ve tried changing camera options and visually and visualization menu and that didn’t help. I’ve changed the appearance selections and that didn’t help. I don’t want shadows or lighting glare on the body when I’m trying to model. It’s extremely distracting and makes it hard to focus on what I’m doing. It’s great for visualization mode, but unwanted during the direct modeling process. I just want my dark theme and whatever solid colors I have applied to the surface of each body.

Which platform do you see this problem on?

Could you share your design with us via the support page, or at least post a few screenshots and the precise material & color settings you are using here? We did update the modelspace lightning back in November, but the difference shouldn’t be as dramatic as you described (it actually improved visibility, especially for dark surfaces), so there might be a bug specific to your design or your machine/drivers.

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