Reset view of models - shade / materials

So I was adding materials using the visualization feature and now my model is a mash up of different shades/colors and it’s bothering me.

I tried gloabllay changing all of this using visualization again but with no luck.

How can I reset this so I am not seeing these different colors while working with the model?

I think you’ve selected surfaces versus bodies when choosing the colors. You want to double tap to ensure you get the body. To go back, you’ll want to have all the bodies selected, and the choose a mundane color (light gray perhaps).

You can also use the component viewer to select the bodies.

Press cmd + a, use area selection, or the Items panel to select everything in the workspace, then press Change material in the materials sidebar, and select the default material. This way everything is set back to the default.


Tried this a few times - selecting everything from the items list and then to properties on the visualization screen. Dragged out the default color and everything changed. When leaving visualization though nothing has changed on the modeling screen.

Fwiw - this is the free version. When I leave the visualization screen I have to choose to remove all materials or subscribe. Maybe I have found a bug?

No, in the Free version, you cannot change materials.

Ok. So any idea why the surfaces then have changed color back in the modeling (default) screen?

If you view the image in the original post you can see colors have been modified and I don’t know how or why.


For example, if you import a file where colors and materials are changed, they will remain, since “editing” materials is the paywalled feature. You can also use the full feature set during the free trial.