5.250 - Create enhanced real-time previews

  • New: Visualize your model with a realistic finish making use of the over 20 new fabric and metal materials recently added.
  • New : Take precise measurements of your designs with the new Measure mode.
  • Improved : You can now find keyboard shortcuts for tools and commands at the side menus.
  • Improved: See your model in enhanced detail and contrast with improved Visualization default lighting.
  • Improved: Get a more realistic preview of your models in both light and dark modes with improved lighting and shadow areas that highlight geometries better, and show more natural tones and precise body edges and lines.
  • Improved: The material scale in Visualization has been expanded to cover a range from 0.25x to 4x.
  • Improved: Hull curves are now displayed for control point splines.

Let us know what you think of the updates by leaving a comment below.



What’s the new measure mode? And how do we use it?


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Hi Matt, here is a short video, demonstrating the new Measure mode.

This is an awesome feature, thanks! :clap:

I often find that I want to measure the distance between a vertex (e.g. end of an edge) on one object, to another vertex on another object (for checking clearance). I don’t see a way to do that? I do see that I can know the distance from one edge to another, which is nice.

That’s coming soon too. This is the first step towards that direction.


The new fabric and metal materials are amazing :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:


Great, nice update, just had a very quick look- The directional wood grain can’t be too far off now-
Is it just me, or is the carbon fiber missing?


Love the new materials but still need the ability to orientate these textures (especially wood).

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Carbon fibre is third in the list of materials…

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Can you show what you mean on the hull curves, control points please

The measure tool is amazing and can see that being very helpful, thank you.

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Has the grain direction been fixed yet?

Nick Lewis

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@Ali3d the red dashed line is the hull curve.

Not yet, it takes some time, as we need to do some major changes in the underlying technology in order to avoid a significant performance drop. But we are working on it and getting there soon.


Ah yes, thank you, wasn’t looking in the drop down…

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Thanks, nice to know it’s being worked on. You lot should be proud of what you’ve achieved so far. Shapr3d is brilliant.


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Thank you :pray:

Thank you for the explanation Istvan, this could be really helpful, I tried it out, and as I draw a lot of splines it could be used a lot.
Do you think it would be possible to have different colour sketch lines, that would leap me a lot if I was able to have a few different options for sketch lines especially when I am overlaying OR to select a different colour depending on the plane you are working on?