5.130 - Shiny new environments arrived

Hi Shaprs,

Visualization receives a massive update in this release – here are all the goodies you need to know about:

  • New: Select one of the 5 new environments and give your models much more versatile and dramatic lighting.
  • New: Ground plane shadows are now available, adding more realism to your models.
  • Improved: Tweaked the Visualization UI for an even better navigation experience.
  • Improved: Lighting setup got bumped up in all existing environments.

As always, let us know how you like the improvements below in this thread.


Looks awesome, huge improvement. Is there anyway to change the orientation of the grain of the material?


Not yet, but it’s a planned improvement relatively soon.


Hi. Is there a way to disable the ground plane ? If not then I think it should be an option.
Thanks for the cool update :slight_smile:


Hi @LaurentA , welcome to the community! Really great to hear that you like the new update. Currently you can’t turn off the ground plane, but we’ll make it possible with the next release.


Cool. Thanks

Looking good! Ground plane shadows look great and the visual refraction through transparent objects is super effective.
I hope reflections of modelled bodies are on the roadmap.
Also Materials being exported in AR visualisations is a must!


Did I lose my ability to hide/view objects in visualization mode? The option seems to be greyed out. Is there a new way to do this?

Hi. I have loved the visualization feature, but with this latest update I encountered a bug. With the colored mood environment feature my wood floor gets all pixelated, but if I switch to default it goes away. Any insight?


I just tried moving the whole model up above the ground plane and this resolved the issue. It must have been interpreting the new ground plane and my wood floor as overlapping/superimposed bodies?

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Yes, it probably caused a Z fight as the two layers perfectly overlapped. We will improve the ground plane to snap to the bottom of the models in a future iteration.


Z fight, that’s the perfect phrase. Thanks for your input!

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Photos and png person to use in projects as before we can use

And about to use photos and png figures as before???

If you mean the screenshot, you can still use that same as before, export / image menu.


Spot on, and it’s not all bad!

Overlapping materials are not a biggie if they can be morphed into superimposed materials.
I had a nice talk with @DanielR concerning the use of “stacked” materials.

My woodworking workflow includes having from 1 to 16 or more layers of varnish / lacquer, plus wood below. Every layer of lacquer is 0.001 mm thin or less (extrusions + Boolean new bodies galore), and no matter how hard everyone since Antonio Stradivari -and before- tried to get each layer exactly identical, opacity and color still slightly varies.

It’s fairly complex to perfectly apply layer after layer IRL, but getting software to render such a complex structure without messing it all … is (nigh on) impossible, yet it has to be made possible.

It really has to.

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