Embedding educational videos into the program

is it normal that you only have two tutorials in the program and the rest is only on youtube? i found learning with the small video window in the program very helpful. Maybe I’m stupid and deleted them?

tanks a lot!

That is normal. Most are on YouTube, which are very difficult to follow unless you are on two different devices. I felt very successful after those first tutorials, but most of the YouTube videos I would watch for a minute or two, then not finish.

I’ve asked the Shapr3D folks if they could possibly share how they make these interactive videos with those of us who do CAD tutorials, but they’ve said it’s not possible. Some of us want to make these to help the community…I wish they would provide a framework for us to use to create tutorials.

For now, my suggestion would be to follow on your phone, and draw on your other device. Or on a laptop or desktop, have two different monitors.

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thanks a lot for the answer. that brings my funmeter to -100% :frowning:

Don’t give up! It’s still the most fun CAD app I’ve found. I literally bought an iPad mini so I can “play” Shapr3D when I’m bored. Way more fun than my Oculus.

Anything in particular you want to create/learn?


I am learning all the time

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Yes you are absolute right, it makes really fun!
Yes i got an other question, did you know if i can ad engravings on the surfaces?
like serialnumbers or typeplates. Tanks for you help :slight_smile:

@torbenleimmer Welcome to the forum. We are all learning every day :+1:.

You can add text to your projects, and logos too. You would need to make a sketch of the logo and extrude it into a geometry. The built in text function in Shapr3D will give you the text.
My most recent project below had both text and a logo, which I turned into geometry.


@CurlyBee I often airplay the video to my TV and watch it as I work on the iPad. That is when I’m at home. I find it an enjoyable way to get things done

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I actually have a full jewelry course on ZBrush, and that’s exactly what I recommend to my students. I love my AppleTV…I take it on cruises and to Airbnbs when I travel. I even donated one to my local coworking space so Apple devices can easily connect. Great suggestion!!

That’s a great idea to take the Apple TV on travels. I’ve been using Apple TVs since the first one and it never occurred to me to take it with me.
No fool like an old fool I guess :sunglasses:

Thanks a lot for your help! I import a eps logo-file for engraving. Ist works fine, but when i export the file i cant see it on the surface. what have i done wrong?
Kind regards, Toby