Engine Concept

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I was doodling on a 4 cylinder engine concept that was going nowhere so I tilted the engine 9 degrees, did a mirror image and it’s now an 8 cylinder engine concept in process going hmmm, not sure… :crazy_face:

I thought throwing the engine into an environment it might be used in might speed the creative process up so I started laying out some components in what was going to be a tubular concept car with 36 inch tires…

I decided to doodle 3 individual boxes on the side view around some components I threw together instead for a body reference.

No curvature to the body parts at this stage. Added a radius to the edges for a visual start.

Anyhooo that’s my unorthodox approach to roughing out a layout concept and have found Shapr3D to be very effective accomplishing everything I’ve tried out…


Hammer and tongs !!!

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Nice work! I often use the ‘big blocks to start’ approach also.



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Thank You Tommy!!! I learned the technique watching YouTube tutorials… :sunglasses: