Engraving Text

I need to engrave text on my 3D object. Is Shapr3D capable of doing this?

You can make the desired text or inscription and overlap or intersection with the object to be engraved … And then subtract the body (text) from the body

Thanks for this quick response. I see I should have been more specific with my question. I understand how to use the overlap or intersection tools but how do I create the text outline/sketch?


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You can either import it as a DXF/DWG or recreate them with sketches


Ciao Daniel, I know it’s on your roadmap, yet are there any info about when a “text add” tool will be included?
Many thanks for this great app!

I use Doodle3D just for the text. You can save it as stl file. Once imported you can scale and move the text as required.

Hi Gianluca, there is no set ETA for when the text feature will be available in the app. With our Engineering team scaling we are rapidly improving the app and I will also pass on your feedback to our product team.

A workaround in the interim can also be to create the text in a drawing tool like Procreate/Concept and then import the text sketch into the app in DWG/DXF format.
Thanks for your understanding!